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Mademoiselle Inwood





The flower’s queen

The rose… Some consider it as « the flower’s queen », some think that roses are “too mainstream”. For me this flower is the symbol of passion, desire and emotion. Monsieur Inwood did play a role in this story, you will understand…


Monsieur Inwood’s roses

An evening of May, I was coming home after a long and exhausting day. I failed in succeeding in a project which meant a lot to me. Do you know this bitter feeling of personal dissatisfaction? It was that. I only waited to be home, in order to clear my head, a glass of rosé in my hands. When I entered the building, rue Marbeuf, I automatically opened my mailbox to check if there was anything in there. It was a huge surprise: in my mailbox were disposed heart-shaped rose petals. A secret admirer, I told myself with a smile on my face. But it only was the start … When I entered my apartment, on the living room table was disposed a big bouquet of red roses, with a little gold paper in which something was written. It said: “In life I love two things, roses and you. Roses for a day and you for life.” Monsieur Inwood. At this moment, nothing else mattered in my life. I love this men more than everything on earth. And you? What is your secret story with flowers?

See you soon!



“Fashion, Love, Elegance”

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