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Monsieur Inwood

The Gatsby


The Gatsby

A moment of sharing 

Dear readers,

A few days ago, I was staying at Le Marquis when my friend Frantz called me for a drink not far from the hotel. This call made me very happy, it had been a long time since I could not see him because our respective careers impose us to be in perpertual movement.

Frantz is the kind of person for whom the word friend takes all its meaning, the kind of person we do not see every day but who is always present to support us and will never let us down and vice versa. Just the time to put on my jacket and I went to join him in this famous bar that he had advised me, the Gatsby.

The name already attracted my curiosity, it was not chosen at random since it pays tribute to the book of Francis Scoot Fitzgerald: The great Gatsby. Just like the book, this bar in wooden cherry color, plunges us in a decoration of the 20s all in a smoke bar and cozy chic atmosphere.

I found there, Frantz, sitting in an armchair club illuminated by Art Deco lamps. He enjoyed an old fashion cocktail, I joined him and commanded their famous Mam’s (St Germain, gin, passion fruit, lime, vermouth dry and ginger beer pimento for the most curious).

The time of an evening

He was fine and seemed happy, which filled me with happiness. After all these years without having had the opportunity to meet around a cafe, to see him with this smile was a immense pleasure. The barman then brought us our order with a cheerfulness that conveyed a certain joy of life. Altough, we had not seen each other for a long time, the discussion did not end and the place was particulary conducive to enriching it.

The evening progressed and the laughter broke, our topics of discission varied between a certain nostalgia for the past and the curiosity of life. There were never any secrets between us, we told each other our moments of sorrows as well as of joys and loves. An inspiring discussion full of empathy and emotion... We ended the evening by walking at the foot of our dear Eiffel Tower. 

Dear readers, I wish you a good evening and hope that you will have the opportunity to live such a time with people who have allowed you to be the person you are today. 

I would like to share this thought with you, indeed, I would not be the man I am today, if I had not been open to every person I had the opportunity to meet, people who have supported me and my detractors, it is thanks to others that I rise and become a being that I judge better.

King regards,

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