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Monsieur Inwood

The Salon de la Photo 2016


The Salon de la Photo 2016

Looking for inspiration

Dear Readers,

I have always been passionate for a lot of art forms. Sculpture, painting, literature, fashion… The art is, according to me, the expression of self in a raw state. It means to transpose his soul in a masterpiece and to touch the intellect and feelings of the spectators.  Multiple artistic fields touch and passionate me: as music, architecture, dance or photography.

Trying to diversify my inspirations source, I regularly walk in Paris, looking for this inspiration whose I often talk about. I discover them in the capital’s streets, I observe them in expositions, and I admire them in fairs. A perpetual quest of inspiration in which Paris offers me lots of paths of research. In this aim, last autumn, I went to the fair of photography. Pushed by an envy of discovering this art that I knew pretty much, I called a friend of mine to ask her to escort me. We were arriving Porte de Versailles by a sunny afternoon, ready to conquest a new field. We entered in the fair, welcomed by hostesses, ready to discover a new world: in black and white or in colour, silver photography, digital, Polaroid, portrait or scenery…

Photography in all its forms

Plenty of thematic were approached: animals, people, seas, deserts… My friend and I talk again, one year later, about a photo which really hypnotized us. Photographer offered us through his cliché, a magical view of autumn. It was a path in forest whose leafs were wrapped of red. Standing in front of the picture, my friend and I had the impression to be in the forest: We just had to do one step to travel in this last one, to feel the wind on our faces, to touch the trees and to grasp the soul of the forest: The photograph succeeded in capture an unique moment.

On leaving this fair, I decided to bring my friend to the hotel Le Marquis to show her the old photos which decorate the hotel. We settle in the lobby to talk about this day. This is the forest photography which mainly stimulates the debate, what we felt in front of the picture and our impressions. My friend told me those rights words by quoting Steve McCurry with this sentence: “If you know waiting, people will forget your camera, and their souls will appear in full light”.

See you soon!

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