Balenciaga at the Bourdelle Museum

Balenciaga, l’œuvre au noir

Dear readers,

Last weekend with Elena we decided to take coffees on the terrace before going to the Beaugrenelle shopping centre. Elena wanted to take advantage of the sales to buy a handbag. It is a subject to handle with kid gloves when we discuss together because for her, the handbags sovereign was, is and will remain Mr. Cristobal Balenciaga.

Elena is fascinated by this man considered as one of the greatest couturiers and unanimously recognized by his peers to be nicknamed « the master » or « The couturier of couturiers ».

I quickly understood her admiration for the Spanish brand and mainly for his illustrious creator. Without mentioning it, I remembered that an exhibition would shortly take place in homage to its creator. An exhibition that will take place outside the walls at the Bourdelle Museum, I would surely surprise her soon with it.

This exhibition will be as its creator, surprising. The theme was treated with accuracy because it characterizes the spirit of this man, recognized for having dressed illustrious persons such as several queen of Spain, of Belgium, the princess Grace of Monaco or the duchess of Windsor.

A sumptuous exhibition

In Balenciaga, black is more than a color or even a non-color, it is a vibrant matter, alternately opaque or transparent, matt or glossy, all in games of light which owe as much as the sumptuousness of the fabrics than as the apparent simplicity of its cuts. This same black illustrates the irrigation of Balenciaga drawing the roots of his work in the folklore and traditional Spain of the childhood of its creator. Black, like the taste of this unconventional technician with his barrel lines, balloon or semi-fitted, black, are the monastic inspirations of this master that Dior said: « The garment was his religion. »

I am looking forward to accompany Elena to see this exhibition. When she speaks of this man we feel her enthusiasm for all its creations. I want her to transmit her knowledge and her enthusiasm that I could admire a lace highlight, a composition of embroidery, or a thick fell of silk velvet.

I will end my day in the heart of the lobby of the hotel Le Marquis after this delicious afternoon. I leave you dear readers, telling you that my last thought is for Elena, a woman who lives for her passion. It reminds me a sentence of Christian Dior « Whatever you do, do it with passion. Live with passion. »

See you soon!

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