Happy New Year 2017

New Year’s Eve 2017

My dear readers,

The New Year is in my opinion a unique célébration, It is different from the others that we celebrate at the end of the year. Christmas being rather dedicated to sharing and to families, the New Year's Eve is rather symbolic of desire and folly.

I do not know why, but at the moment when midnight rings, each person has the strange feeling that his life starts from scratch, as if we had the right to a second chance. The trials of life that we had been through last year are far behind us and nothing can happen to us now. For one evening worries fly away and we celebrate life surrounded by the people who are dear to us. This day is part of one of the rare moments where the whole world looks happy and wishes to transmit this feeling of happiness to his neighbor.

Golden Years

It was the reflection that crossed my mind when I was walking down the Marais streets looking for a Christmas present for Elena. At the same time, she called to invite me to celebrate New Year's Eve with her.

The year 2016 will end at Elena's apartment, on the seventh floor of a duplex in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district! An idyllic setting to celebrate New Year's Eve is not it? The theme will be Golden Years, play on words found by my tender in reference to this famous music of David Bowie. Flakes, decoration and outfits will be dressed in this amber color.

As a gentleman, I kindly asked Elena if she needs my help, but as a free and independent woman she responded negatively to my request. Knowing her investment and her determination when she takes care of a project, I imagine that everything will be gathered for us to spend a memorable evening.

I will know probably few people at this evening but I can not wait to spend it with Elena’s friends, to learn more information about her and to understand better who she is. The new year sounds joyful and as said the illustrious composer of classical music Richard Wagner: « Joy is not in things, it is in us. »

Discover the continuation on the website of the hotel Le Monna Lisa!

See you soon!

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