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My dear readers,

It was not by discovering dandyism that I became one, but by discovering myself that I became a dandy. It was by being regularly qualified in this way that I researched to learn more about the subject and to understand this movement and its philosophy.

Some consider dandyism as a simple appearance in order to give itself style and distinction. This idea is not false but it is also far from true. Indeed, dandyism is a state of mind reflecting originality and refinement. The dandy likes to please, but wants above all to please himself. He lives in the demands of self and in the rebellion of the codes supposed to compel him to live according to any predefined trend or style.

A famous phrase to describe it comes from Baudelaire who asserted that « everything is art » and this sentece resonates every day in my mind.

Art and dandy

For the dandy, money is not an essential thing in life, it allows us to satisfy our requirements and assume our way of life but is in no way a synonym for wealth of mind, which we seek above all.

We like to distinguish ourselves and the best way to do it is simplicity. Nothing tinsel or « bling bling ». For the dandy, we do not need it since our approach is personal.

It could be summed up as « a healthy mind in a healthy body adorned with a simple style ». A dandy also knows how to have a subtle intelligence in all the moral mechanisms of this world to better stand out from a mass dazed or even sleepy.

We are idealists in a hostile world, revolutionaries without revolution. We do not care about codes, provided that talent and merit predominate above all, with taste and beauty at the center of our interests.

My dear readers, to conclude, a dandy will always tell you that « art is his moral ».

See you soon!


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