Oh Montmartre

The torments of love

My dear readers,

I want today to express one of the rarest and strongest moments I had the chance to live lately. Perhaps, you will recall my meeting with my dear Elena during the « Nuit Blanche » of October, as a brief encounter but so inspiring… After long hesitations and questions about myself, I took the obvious decision to meet her and let my heart flies to the different risky paths that life love to make us discover. The rendezvous was taken on a Saturday afternoon and at a mythical place : Montmartre. I can see the outline of your smile as the cliché may seem obvious. But what a better place than this one where magic combines with the torments of love. Before to go there, I could feel my heart squeeze as the desire to please her and push myself were huge. And just one look from her made me understand that all my fears were just futile.

A unique moment

Indeed, the hours passed and my desire to get to know her fanned. We had, in particular, the opportunity to share her love for paris and how much she loves, like me, to get lost in the priceless goal to find the pearl that will make it an incredible memory. We walked without knowledge of time with the main impression that it was hanging by a thread in which we were the masters. I could not anymore describe you what I saw in Paris because I was so drawn by the beauty and the intelligence of her eyes.

That’s when night fell on Montmartre, that Elena and myself we were back to reality. For fear of leaving this time combining the sublime and the unreal, I hugged her and murmured softly : « Life is not always as cruel, it knows how to be generous with people who are grateful. »

So, my dear readers, this is how I realized that love is not just for a time or even for a moment but this is an immutable and transcendent thing that everyone should live ones.

See you soon !

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