Oscar and I

The Dandy

Dear readers,

Previously, I was writing about Oscar Wilde and I invited you to an exhibition redrawing his life and his experience.

Today I will not tell you about the man but I will tell you about how he inspire me, the vision that he brought me of art and life.

Greatness and decadence summarize his life, I wish a better evolution for mine.

Even if we are sharing the same love for Paris, and even if this city gives us its soul, a lot of discords about art and philosophy divides us.

He said “Art is unnecessary” and “To the men who wanted to transform life in art, his brain became his heart”. I disagree with what he said. Art is necessary, even essential in a world which turns in a wild way and where instability scares us. Art is a refuge for sensible minds, a release for clear-sighted minds, and an elation for gifted minds.

By seeing life as an art, the heart –in its symbolical dimension- is your brain because it is the engine of our emotions, the container of our sensibility which gives us the opportunity to understand and to share art.

Love and beauty

Even so we have convincing disagreements, I share a lot of his visions, especially concerning love and beauty.

As a good aesthete, we both two put beauty in the centre of our lives and our researches, and we develop proper theories and philosophies on the subject. But I admit that his works gives me the possibility to develop my thoughts and to build my reflexions.

And then, even if his vision of love move apart mine, I understand him, by knowing his history, and I can say that for me too, this emotion animate me and make me feel alive more than never before.

Dear readers, for all those who did not understand this words, I send you this quote from Oscar: “The goal in life is the personal development. To reach a perfect achievement of your nature, this is why we are here.”

See you soon,  


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