Personal Shopping at the Galeries Lafayette

Personalized service

My dears readers,

At the end of the year, I invite my « clients » to my office to share a convivial moment. The projects I lead take time, so we see each other regularly and an accomplice relationship builds up as time passes. As an architect, I have the privilege of penetrating their privacy in a certain way, my client share their dreams and I have to fulfill their wishes as far as possible.

Having a habit of receiving, the reception no longer has any secrets for me, however for such an occasion and having worked especially this year, I wanted to have fun. You know my attraction for the world of fashion. Not escaping my methodical and rigorous nature, I hastened to reflect on the way in which I could connect the useful with the agreable ?

I wondered who was most likely to accompany me in this shopping. I could only see one anwser : Elena… Fashion is her dream, her universe and I delight to admire such a passion.

Our passion for fashion

I invited her to the famous Lafayette galleries. I do not know if this is a sign of fate, but she accepted with great pleasure ! At the moment when I saw her, a smile appeared on our faces, without even speaking, we knew that we were happy to find ourselves. I only detect one word to express such a sensation… We rented the services of a personal shopper. He revealed to us the different tendencies of each « sewing house ». I was reticent to this idea, thinking that his role was mainly commercial but I was pleasantly surprised to see the passion that this young man conveyed to us. We felt he liked what he was doing while trying to meet our expectations, he was a captiving young man and his sense of relationship was extraordinary. We had a lot of fun, so we could not see the hours turned.

Finally, we managed to find the proper outfit (although I did not just go with this outfit, but I will not dwell on this detail). To thank Elena for spending her day with me, I invited her to share a coffee and a delicious cookie from the famous Laura Todd house. Without even telling ourselves, we did not want to let such a moment end ? Alas, we had no choice.

Before I left, I gave her a delicate kiss on the corner of her lips. I would never forget the intensity of her gaze and the taste of her lascivious lips. At that moment she blushed, lowered her eyes like a sky child and went away… the seconds seemed long but came this celestial moment that lavished me a marvelous joy. I returned to the hotel Le Marquis with my shopping, lying on my bed and admiring my ceiling. I was thoughtful and I was looping back, the last seconds of this idiot idiom.

I kept asking myself about Louis d’Aragon’s famour quote « Love is an intense exchange of sensations and feelings. » Would that be the Love ?

See you soon !

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