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My student life

My dear readers,

Student years are those where we begin to blossom and discover which adult we are and the one we want to become.

It was through the encounters, the various activities and the work that I was able to do at that time that I was able to build myself and become who I am today. One of these encounters particularly marked me and made me discover the dandyism, a current to which I am attached today.

While I paid very little attention to my style of dress, my lifestyle and the image others had of me - content to do what I liked without asking any questions - I met during my years at the Cité Universitaire a professor of philosophy who influenced my evolution and my style.

It is a teacher named Matt Wilde who, like his namesake Oscar, dressed very refined and always spoke with a distinguished vocabulary. It was part of the lineage of other dandy who inspired him like Charles Baudelaire or Alfred Guillaume Gabriel d'Orsay.

Moment of a lifetime

This Cité Universitaire Internationale gather nearly 6,000 French and foreign students in 40 homes. It offers an undeniable quality of life for students who have the opportunity to settle there.

Very French-style buildings, large green and virtuous gardens and magnificent lights make this place a full-fledged wonder, with a soul that only the finest Parisian monuments are endowed with.

The cultural life is intense: there are exhibitions, concerts, lectures, film screenings and other events organized within the houses.

Great artists such as Aimé Césaire, Jean Paul Sartre and Michael Edwards stayed here for a few years, which proves that this place holds something magical that inspires our greatest artists and intellectuals.

Today, there are ultra modern rooms, equipped with music studios and other workshops of artists favorable to the flourishing of the students. 

My dear readers, the student life, suspended between adolescence and adulthood, is really the pillar of our personal construction.

See you soon!

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