The marché des Enfants Rouges

Discovering the oldest covered market in Paris

Dear Readers,

A short time ago, a friend of mine called me, to invite me at Sunday brunch, organized at his home. He explained me that he invited other people, and each person has to bring something that we will cook together. This is how I went to the marché des Enfants Rouges, last Sunday, to find some victuals to enjoy my friends.

Created in 1628, this is the oldest covered market in Paris. Situated in the 3rd district, he knows 2 entries. We can’t deny the lack of colours of the building. However, grey walls are mismatched with what we can find inside.

International cuisine

In the different alleys, obviously narrows, I could find Lebanese, African, Italian or Moroccan cooking. Smells, colours and cultures are mixed and go through the different market stalls. People make me taste, propose me, I hesitate, there are a lot of choices and if I didn’t have to join my friends after, I would probably stay here to eat. Fresh produces are shown and are proposed with human warmth.

I discover, step by step, that families animate each market stalls. They know each other, and look like appreciate them. I heard some teases jokes, people happy to find each other. Festive ambience here, I surprise myself by smiling alone, seeing children playing together. Sellers are sympathetic, they guide me, they advise me. Here, the smile is warmth, the smile is true.

I leave the market, lots of produces in my arms that I looking forward to making my friends discover. I can already imagine my friends in the festive ambience of the brunch, same as the one of the market. I wish you all to know, regularly, those happy moments between friends, around a table, when it is good to laugh and eat. It reminds me an Irish proverb which explains that « Burst of laughter sounds better when food is good ».

See you soon!

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