The salon du Chocolat 2016

An Universal Pleasure

Dear readers,

Lately, I was walking around the streets on the 6th district of Paris then suddenly a subtle and delicate aroma seize me. Indeed, at this instant, I passed in front of a shop of a famous Belgium chocolate maker, Pierre Marcolini. This artisan, last world champion of the discipline offers a real gustatory experience as well as visually through each of his creations.

I suddenly remembered the sound could make a chocolate bar that cracks when we had shared, I remembered the effect of this small square of fun when melted on my tongue, leaving an escape sweet and mild taste... soothing memories... A pleasure I cannot live without... I dreamed then transported me to a whole chocolate universe to find these sensations...

Chocolate Lover Fair

Strangely it was the case, every year gourmands (which of course I include myself) enjoy an exceptional event located at the Porte de Versailles. Before the winter descend upon our city and everyone rushes under his duvet to nibble sweets, I recommend to enjoy the bold and the Salon du Chocolat that will take place from October 28 to November 1, 2016. This is a show that amazes me and surprises me since 22 years now. This show engages all of my senses by offering a unique and amazing experience for visitors. The smell by the delicate cocoa aroma that floats in the air. The view by the chocolate dresses of the fashion show ​​or taste by the effect that make a chocolate candy when you eat it. I admire the joy of exhibitors proud to make you discover and taste their specialties. This fair we do find the story rather misunderstood chocolate including transformation of the cocoa bean to become the product that we all want today.

I cannot hide my greed and my attraction to this pleasure came from another continent. I like to enjoy an espresso with a chocolate when I’m staying at the hotel Le Marquis. Illuminated by the flame of a candle and lulled by the sound of the rain I savor the moment reveling in this fleeting pleasure...

Remember that " Nine out of ten people like chocolate ; the tenth lies. " Said John G. Tullius, and for sure I am not the tenth.

See you soon!

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