The symbol of the scarf

An object, a symbol

My dear readers,

As a dandy, I am always seeking for fashion accessories that could sublimate my style. And there is one I appreciate a lot: the scarf.

Even if it was not always intended to embellish dress code –at the beginning it was used by militaries as a distinctive sign depending their grade or for a personal using (to heal a wound or carries objects for example…) it is now considered as a symbol perceived in many different ways.

First symbol, it is the one of presidency. That it is in Africa, Asia, Europe or America, the major part of presidents in the world carry it to represent their country and status. Furthermore, many great thinkers or heroes of French history as Francois Mitterrand or Jean Moulin wore it constantly, participating to make this accessory begin an inseparable element of characters, symbol of freedom and culture.

Scarf is also a link between feelings, as we can interpret it in the wonderful story of The Little Prince, and this is how I can affirm you that for me, scarf is a concentrate of emotions, the most beautiful symbol and object that love may embody.

The most beautiful present

Although I am a scarf adept since almost a decade, quite waiting wintertime and cold weather to wear ones again, I remember every moment that one of them is on my neck, that of my first meeting with my tender Elena.

Wandering through the streets, I thought of her and the idea of a little present to show her all the love I bear her. So I bought three scarves: the first made in cashmere to represent her softness and tenderness, one made in wool for her heat and goodness, and one in cotton for her purity.

A few days later, I decided to organize a candlelight dinner: a perfect opportunity to give him her present. To my surprise, she had also brought me one. During the meal, I insisted that she was the first to open it but a few minutes later I could discover a scarf too.

Before I even had the time to express anything, she spoke and said: This one, only represent the love I feel for you.

I leave you my dear readers, on this lovely thought that is love!

See you soon!

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