The Watch

A must-have

My dear readers,

The watch is for me the most sophisticated fashion accessory that exists, a « must-have » that every refined man should have.

Indeed, it is to this extent that the use of a watch takes on its full meaning: it makes it possible to control, or at least to capture, the only invisible, uncontrollable thing that strongly influences our lives and which we have fully aware.

Instrument of time and its mysteries, fashion accessory allowing you to reach the peaks of elegance and become mythical for centuries. In my eyes, the most beautiful of these are those in which the classical aspect assumes its full extent, when the materials sublimate the purity of simplicity.

Besides, I fell in love with old watches and more particularly gusset watches. A real pocket clock that can be attached to the belt loop or to our waistcoat. It is the assurance of stand out and intrigue those around us, most of the time very curious and talkative about it.

Myth and reality

The gossip extends even to all the areas that have been impressed by watches and watchmaking. One thinks especially of the one that carried James Bond, the famous Submariner, object of many fantasies.

As for fantasy, we can take into account that each watch is unique, everyone can find the one that suits it best!

Between thousands of models among the dressed watches, aviators, dives and thousands of different bracelets, the combinations seem endless, like their personalizations.

And like any amateur, we all have a dream model, showed that we would be willing to give everything to have and hope deep down to us to be able to get. Mine is a mysterious watch, produced with 231 specimens, extremely fine and whose needles seem to float in a vacuum. A masterpiece, too rare and complex for ordinary mortals...

My dear readers, keep in mind that « one wants more than one carries. The value goes beyond what is shown ».

See you soon!


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