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We are delighted to let you discover in details the essential accessory and real emblem of dandyism: the bow tie. First of all, let us briefly introduce you to this style and its origins.


The dandy look is a fashion style that is often associated with a bygone era, but is still popular today. It appeared in the 19th century in Britain and then spread to the rest of the world. Dandies were refined men who sought to stand out from the social norms of their time. They wore high-end, well-fitting clothing, accessorized with items such as hats, scarves, canes and gloves. The clothes were often inspired by the outfits worn by horsemen and businessmen, but with more extravagant details and higher quality fabrics. Shoes were particularly important, as they were often the primary focus of the outfit. This trend has seen renewed interest in men's fashion in recent years, with many brands offering outfits inspired by this style. Although it is often associated with a certain elegance, it can also be casual and suitable for different occasions.

Even today, characterized by elegant and sophisticated garments, it pays particular attention to details and accessories. Suits and jackets are often tailor-made for a perfect fit, with high-quality fabrics such as tweed or velvet. The shirts are usually made of cotton or linen, with chic collars and buttoned cuffs. Trousers are often very chic trousers, with folds and side pockets. They are mostly associated with straps for an added touch of sophistication.

It is a timeless style that has evolved over the years, but is still popular with those looking to make a lasting impression with their appearance, whose main accessory is still very much in vogue today: the bow tie.


Since you are the perfect dandy in the making, let us tell you more about this style, this way of being and its key element.

This is a fashion accessory that has a fascinating history. It dates back several centuries, more precisely to the 17th century. Did you know that Croatians used to wear silk scarves around their necks to keep their collars closed? These scarves were tied like a bow tie, hence the name "Croatian necktie".

They were noticed by the French soldiers who fought alongside the Croats during the Thirty Years' War. Thus, they began to adopt them in their turn. The fashion of the Croatian tie was then taken over by the French aristocracy, who made it an accessory, a symbol of elegance.

In the 18th century, it evolved into the modern tie we know today. The bow tie, in particular, became popular in England in the late 19th century, in the 1880s and 1890s, where it was worn by men of high society at formal events. It later became a fashion accessory for stylish men.

During the 20th century, the bow tie became less common due to the rise of the classic tie, but it remained popular for formal events such as weddings and galas. Traditionally worn with a shirt with a broken collar, it can also be worn with a regular collar shirt or with a more casual suit to create a more original look.


It now embodies the expression of personality, creativity and even belonging to cultural movements. Beyond its original role on special occasions, the bow tie has evolved to become a way of individual expression. He has moved beyond the boundaries of formality to become part of more relaxed and diverse lifestyles. Today, it can be worn with boldness and creativity, adding a unique touch of personality to an outfit.

Always considered a symbol of elegance, it is now worn by men and women as a timeless and chic accessory. Very expensive, there is a wide variety of bow ties, ranging from simple and classic models to more elaborate and colorful designs. The first has a butterfly shape with wide and symmetrical wings, while the second is simpler and smaller. This accessory offers a wide variety of options to add a touch of style to any outfit.

Today, a modern reinterpretation of this classic accessory is proposed. It embodies innovation, creativity and diversity, offering unique and bold designs.

You will find variations on shapes, materials, patterns and colours. The designers push the boundaries of creativity by offering alternative shapes, such as asymmetrical bow tie knots, bulky bow tie knots or bow tie knots with original contours. These new forms allow us to express a unique individuality and personality.

With regard to materials, a wide range of options are being explored. In addition to traditional fabrics such as silk or cotton, it is possible to find bow ties in wood, leather, metal or even made from recycled materials. This gives rise to astonishing and eclectic creations, allowing to stand out.

Fans of this elegant style will also be able to see abstract geometric patterns, floral prints, animal motifs or motifs inspired by modern art.

This new style is not limited to formal occasions. It can add a bit of panache to a casual outfit. Women also embrace this trend and to create original and unconventional looks.

This new genre pushes the boundaries of traditional design and offers a modern, bold and creative approach to this long-perceived obsolete accessory. It allows everyone to assert their personal style and stand out with originality and flair. Whether for special events or simply for everyday expression, the bow tie is an exciting and inspiring option for fashion lovers.

It is thus the essential element of the perfect dandy. Once an emblem of formality, the bow tie has evolved over time to become or once again become a versatile fashion accessory. Find your favourite style by opening the doors of our beautiful hotel: Le Marquis. Our establishment pays homage to the elegant and refined style of dandyism. Rediscover this art of living that is subtle and worked out to the smallest detail.

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