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You don't recognize yourself in society's dress codes? Are you looking for an elegant but offbeat look? Wouldn't you be a modern day dandy?

What is a dandy? It is at the end of the 18th century that the word appeared in England. In 1780, the word emerged when young men would have adopted a style of dress voluntarily eccentric days of mass…

Dandyism is a thought that has subsequently spread rapidly. One would define a dandy man as a man wishing in an affirmed way to go against the current of his contemporaries (of the traditional order). There is here the research of a singularity by rebelling and by transgressing the common rules. This happens first of all by the way he dresses, by the way he dresses in society.

But how does it translate physically? A dandy is a man in the 19th century endowed with great elegance in "his grooming, his manners and his tastes".

We even speak at the time of a certain refinement, a simplicity, a sobriety.

The dandy will always be a man in opposition to conventions and customs. The dandy is nonconformist, that is to say that he goes against the norms and the established uses. He plays with the rules to get out of the frame, but without doing too much.

How do we recognize a dandy in the past?

If you see a gentleman wearing a tight three-piece suit, a fitted shirt, a lavaliere or a muslin tie or a bow tie, a felt top hat, a frock coat... You have the perfect dandy look.  It is the "cult of detail" that is not sought by others, who do not pay attention to the value of an accessory and what it could bring or add to an outfit. We think here of the gloves, the hat...

But it also passed by an affectation of the spirit and a certain impertinence. Is a true dandy who combines aesthetics and morals. The finesse and the allure are its key words. He will certainly dress differently, but he will also think differently. We could thus even deduce that it passes before by the spirit.


We see the dandy as someone who is rebellious and imposes his style, but he is in fact the one who sets the fashion and the trends.

He is a real fashion designer. To quote one of the times, there was Oscar Wilde. To quote one of the modern times, there was Karl Lagerfeld.

Dandyism has not disappeared, as more and more people are building their style and detaching themselves from others.

But if you are looking for a stylish look, we can recommend:

The colored bow tie, which can decorate your shirt, bring the little colorful and atypical touch. No, gentlemen, it is not only for special occasions. It is a real accessory that can be worn daily. At Cinabre Paris, you can have a custom-made and personalized bow tie made.

Another great accessory of today's world: the scarf, or the “chèche”. A fabric, similar to a scarf but lighter that is worn around the neck.  A beautiful head wear.

And finally, a must-have piece of chic and refinement (a preppy look): the long midi coat in camel or charcoal gray. There is no doubt that this piece will give you a confident look. To accompany it: a black turtleneck in fine mesh.

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