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The casual chic style

When you’re a woman, you have the good fortune of having a great choice of clothes at your disposal. The feminine fashion is very well-furnished, so well that it is pretty difficult to be satisfied with what we have. We always see some new clothes which are so beautiful that we want to buy every of them.

The style that I want to speak about today is a pretty sober one. I want to talk about the famous casual chic style, a classic! Simple to adopt, you probably already have what is needed in your wardrobe. The idea is to combine elegant pieces with more casual ones in order to create an ensemble which is chic but not too professional.

On the picture I wear a shirt that I don’t close totally with formal trousers. The shirt and trousers are pretty chic but the way of wearing the shirt is pretty relaxed. Over that I wear a wool coat a little bit loose, on which I rolled up the sleeves for the casual side. All the pieces come from Pablo and are forming a good example of a casual chic ensemble.

Gift ideas for gentlemen

The famous Christmas celebrations are coming up! It is therefore time to think about what gifts you will offer to your spouse. In order to have gift ideas that will make him happy every time, let's take the example of the Dandy, the typical definition of elegance and refined chic style.

Inspired by the looks worn by famous French artists during the late 1960s, from Serge Gainsbourg to Jacques Dutronc, the current Dandy aspires to wear slim-fitting outfits with matching accessories. Simple and effective, many accessories will allow your man to recognize himself as such through small details. Panama, braces, leather boots, bow tie, scarf, suit pouch... You will be spoilt for choice to find what matches his personality! 

Competing with the tie, I opt for the oversized Hugo Boss knit scarf that can replace it by simply wrapping it behind the neck so that both its tips fall on each side of your shirt or jacket.


You may have noticed the comeback of moccasins? Since last season, moccasins have been back in the spotlight! 

The famous Haute Couture brand, Gucci, has given a new look to moccasins. Once varnished or plain, today we see the appearance of new details such as fringes or small nails. 

Moccassins fit in any wardrobe, it's up to you to adopt the right pair. This year, mocassins are original. The shoe becomes rock'n' roll, we say goodbye to the classic models and adopt notched, compensated or silver moccasins. I recently fell in love with The Kooples black crocodile moccasins that give a sophisticated and versatile look, discover them here

What is the perfect outfit to wear with moccassins? To avoid a classic look, here are some tips to know. Break the masculine aspect by wearing your moccasins with feminine pieces! Dresses, skirts, shorts... You can also adopt cigarette jeans to mark the silhouette! 

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