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The floral print

The floral print is a must-have wardrobe item. It can be worn throughout the seasons, but is especially popular in spring when the first rays of sunshine are just around the corner. The pattern is timeless and pleases all generations.

I like the floral print because it brings out the best in the outfit. It can be found on many pieces: the dress, the skirt, the top, the jacket... So there are many possibilities to wear it and to match it to your taste. What I appreciate the most is the fact that it can suit all kinds of styles such as bohemian, rock or tropical.

On this picture, I wear the floral print on a Sandra Mansour dress. In a bohemian style that is sometimes very soft, this print gives vitality to the outfit with its purple, orange and pink shades. I like these strong pieces that are self-sufficient. I just put on this dress; and I feel ready to face the day safely and cheerfully.

Geometric patterns

Often used in fashion, the geometric pattern also invites itself into your interior. Inspired by abstract art, graphic motifs bring a modern and arty touch to your decoration.

It is all about playing with shapes, colours and materials for an original and sparkling result. Thus, squares, circles, triangles, cubes in perspective, diamonds, hexagons... Anything goes! You can find them in small touches printed on cushions, carpets, furniture, bed sheets or in total look for example on a wall with some painting, wallpaper or masking tape.

The Hotel Le Marquis perfectly illustrates this trend in decoration with its shades of yellow, electric blue, red mixed with intense black. I love the graphic and elegant decoration of this magnificent boutique-hotel.

The casual chic style

When you’re a woman, you have the good fortune of having a great choice of clothes at your disposal. The feminine fashion is very well-furnished, so well that it is pretty difficult to be satisfied with what we have. We always see some new clothes which are so beautiful that we want to buy every of them.

The style that I want to speak about today is a pretty sober one. I want to talk about the famous casual chic style, a classic! Simple to adopt, you probably already have what is needed in your wardrobe. The idea is to combine elegant pieces with more casual ones in order to create an ensemble which is chic but not too professional.

On the picture I wear a shirt that I don’t close totally with formal trousers. The shirt and trousers are pretty chic but the way of wearing the shirt is pretty relaxed. Over that I wear a wool coat a little bit loose, on which I rolled up the sleeves for the casual side. All the pieces come from Pablo and are forming a good example of a casual chic ensemble.

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