Our Inwood Lover, Joseph, is a multi-skilled team member in our hotel Le Marquis.
In this article, he tells us about his favorite pastry shop Odette Paris.

The Marquis loves Odette Paris, the pastry shop specialising in cream puffs!

Maybe you've already seen those pretty boxes filled with colourful puffs? The House of Odette Paris offers you a delicious food tasting experience in its Parisian boutique. On site or to take away, you will be able to taste homemade cream puffs! The boutique offers a wide selection of flavours: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, passion fruit, salted butterscotch, lemon... For all tastes!

Joseph recommends Odette Paris "where you will not be disappointed". Our Inwood Lover discovered these sweets with the Inwood team. He confides to us: "when I saw all these puffs in this beautiful shop, I had the impression of being like a child in a candy store". You can still feel Joseph's excitement about this unique experience.

"A pastry not to be missed!"

Joseph advises you to go to Odette Paris after your meal to finish on a sweet note or in the afternoon for a succulent snack! Our Inwood Lover tells us: "I recommend these puffs to everyone, because all tastes are satisfied: with sweet flavours like chocolate or fruity flavours like lemon".

Joseph adds: "I also saw that they offer cream puffs towers, it can be a very good idea for a dessert for an event". Our Inwood Lover is seduced by these sweets, he also loved the chocolate flavour: "simple and effective"!

Want something sweet? Follow the recommendations of our Inwood Lover and discover this unique pastry!