Opened by the best pizza chef in the world in 2019-2020, the pizzeria Chez Peppe, inaugurated in 2020 by Peppe Cutraro, was crowned the best pizzeria in Europe by the Italian ranking 50 Top Pizza on July 31. Having risen from 29th to 1st place in the ranking in just one year, Peppe Cutraro is racking up the accolades.

After being elected best pizza chef in the world in 2019 when he was in charge of Big Mamma in Paris, the 33-year-old Italian chef decided in 2020 to open his own restaurant in the heart of the XXth arrondissement, Place Saint-Blaise, in order to showcase his world-champion pizza but also to have total freedom in the development of his recipes.


Pizzas are a real treat with every bite, but Peppe Cutraro's pizzas have a way of making us melt. With products sourced from Italian producers, the pizza maker will make you discover incredible flavors.

During our visit to Peppe's restaurant, we wanted to taste everything between burrata from Puglia, Arrancini, cold cuts and pizzas, we had a hard time making our choice. So we opted for the burrata and the mixed board for our Antipasti. As for the pizzas, we had to try the World Champion pizza; a pizza with yellow tomatoes, raw ham, provolone, mozzarella di bufala, grilled almonds and fig jam, a real delight. In addition, we succumbed to the Queen Tartufo pizza with summer truffle Terra San Pietrese as well as the Margherita pizza, a classic, but it seems that the quality of a pizzeria is judged by its Margherita, and we can assure you that it was delicious.

To end this fabulous meal with a sweet touch, we were tempted by the pizza with hazelnut cream, the Cannoli Siciliani with ricotta and pistachio, and finally by the Tiramisu with coffee. A flawless performance from the Antipasti to the Dolci for Peppe Cutraro’s restaurant.

Don't miss this pizzeria nestled in the heart of the village in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, as well as its compatriots also in the Top 50 Pizza ranking, Dalmata, Faggio Pizzeria, Guillaume Grasso La Vera Pizza Napoletana and Bijou.