Looking for a place full of mystery to sip a cocktail? Discover the Mobster Bar...

Paris has a great offer of bars and cafés. Indeed, all the districts of the city are full of bars and restaurants. If you're looking for a drink, you'll always find a place to sit down.

But did you know that the capital is also home to speakeasies? Speakeasy are hidden bars... So they are not so easy to find! So if you want to sit and have a cocktail in a rather mysterious place, quite intimate, and hidden from view, we advise you to discover the world of speakeasy, and in particular the one of Mobster Bar! The latter is located at 8 rue de Crussol in the 11th district of Paris.

But where do speakeasies come from? What is the story behind this style of bar...?

The speakeasy is a type of American speakeasy, which emerged during the Prohibition period in the United States from 1920 to 1933. The Prohibition, launched by an amendment of the Constitution of the country, supposed the prohibition of all manufacture, marketing, import and export of alcoholic beverages on the territory with the aim of reducing the majority of the consumption of alcohol of the population.

However, the law was then faced with some misuse. Hidden bars are set up, called speakeasy bars (also known as blind pig or blind tiger).  We are not sure of the true origin of the word speakeasy, but it goes back to the story of an old Irish woman who sold liquor without a license in Pittsburgh and asked her customers to lower their voices when they ordered it.

Since Prohibition, speakeasy bars have spread throughout the world. Some of them have come to hide among Parisian places.  You may find yourself pushing open a door and arriving in a completely different place, back in the days of Prohibition.


This is almost the case for the Mobster Bar.  For this speakeasy, it is not enough to guess the place and to push a door, you have to solve a riddle to enter...

We highly recommend this hidden bar in the heart of Paris. The experience is really immersive. As soon as you enter, you find yourself going back in time to the 20's and setting foot on American territory. But which entrance?

Find the vintage phone booth hidden along the façade of the rue Crussol. Pick up the receiver and listen to the message. Then take the time to think about it (don't worry, it's an accessible riddle for everyone) and dial the secret code that you think is the right one on the phone.

Click! It's a success, the door of the bar opens... We leave it to you to find the solution!

We recommend you to do the Mobster Bar with your friends. Have fun together looking for the secret code that is the key to the front door.

Once inside, discover an Art Deco style with a jazzy Prohibition background music. You really feel like you're there.

Sit back and order a cocktail (the success of the bar). For this fall season, we suggest you try the Sailing Tomoka, which is light and spicy, made with Sailor Jerry rum, lime, Angostura bitter and Inca Kola soft drink.

Photos credit : https://mobsterbar.com/