Le Marquis loves photography

The disposable camera is making a comeback, discover the reasons to adopt it for your next trip.

Forgotten since the 2000s following the emergence of digital technology, traditional photography is making a comeback to the delight of younger generations and photo album lovers. Today, you can find them in specialized stores that claim to sell more and more of them.

Simple and practical, using them is a breeze. The cameras allow the photographer in you to obtain unique photos.

They can capture about 30 pictures, their films are then developed in a lab. After that, we have our wonderful memories with us. Solid and resistant, you can take it everywhere. The small plus of these cameras: they are waterproof. They will perform as well in the air as underwater.

The essential of your next vacations

Why do we like them? Simply because they allow us to capture our most beautiful memories. Travel, wedding or family moments, we adopt them for authentic memories.

Our tips for the perfect photo: Patience will be your mantra. To get the perfect shot, you have to take the time to sit down, make some adjustments and adjust the light to make the photo unique! If you are looking for a textured and smoky result, the flash is to be avoided whereas for a sharper result you will have to activate it.  Of course be careful to remove your finger from the lens to avoid unpleasant surprises when developing your photos.

We advise you the emblematic brands like Kodak, Fujifilm or Agfaphoto. And if you want to know more, the best thing to do is to go to your nearest specialized store.