Summer is a synonym of light colors and relaxed wardrobe. Gentlemen, this year, the fashion experts have reach a consensus, it’s the white jeans that will be the star! As a real summer chameleon, this must have has to be in your vacations’ luggage. Its relaxed style gets well with all your colorful fashion pieces, as well as with your more classic pieces like blazers and shirts, for a more casual chic outfit.

Alternative to linen pants, the white jean will easily fit with all your everyday wardrobe.


A Dandy is a man who takes care of himself and his clothes. To stand out from the everyday suits, the Dandy favors casual chic for his vacations. The white jeans will give a touch of freshness to your summer gear.

Timeless in men's fashion, jeans come in white for a vintage feel at Levi's with the JEAN 501® 1984 LEVI'S® VINTAGE CLOTHING. Known for their durability and high quality, Levi's jeans will remain in your wardrobe for many seasons!

For the beach or your summer walks, the white jeans are also available in shorts. With classic sneakers, they will look great in the city, in the country or by the sea.

Ladies, don't worry, white jeans are also a timeless summer wardrobe staple! With sandals, with heels or not, and small colored tops, your white jeans will enhance your favorite pieces.

Discover the best shopping addresses to find your white jeans during your next Parisian get away.