A craft of passion

A craft of passion

A full-fledged artist

My dear readers,

I could not sum up the admiration I have for the designer Oscar Ono in a simple article. Apart from his exemplary professional experience in the field of interior design. I am also a fervent admirer of the man he is and especially of the vision he has of the world around him.

In few words, he has the ability to transmit extraordinary advice with one of his sentences he has marked my mind: « Whether one is a casual or a partier, wise or discreet, sophisticated or eccentric, the decoration of our interior reflects our way of life, our tastes, our style, our way of being, the bottom line influences our decoration ». Design and lifestyle go hand in hand, which is why we can not separate the world from fashion to Art or travel.

This alliance allows him to offer decorations affirming a real style and a unique personality. I find myself in this philosophy because it is for me one of the keys to its success, its capacity to feel the personalities and the tastes of each one. It is a prestigious gift that he knows how to use with kindness.

Listening, the capacity of the altruistic man

I sincerely thank him for teaching me how to cultivate my style before starting my career. Notably the principle of spread through a place, taking time to analyze the environment to bring out all its qualities naturally.

I like to perceive a space like a theater scene where the people who will spend time in this place and who will feel emotions which will evolve with it. The designer Oscar Ono has the ability to imagine unique collaborative architectural concepts in an atmosphere where humor, a tab theatrical which creates a warm and living space. He is an artist in his own right. I am far from his talent and his career although I feel very close to his work in the way that his style and his philosophy fascinate me.

Dear readers, I leave you by quoting the same artist that I took pleasure to present « to arrange its interior it is  like to tell a beautiful story, it is also to show a picture of ourself to f to the others as to oneself » the designer Oscar Ono.

See you soon !