Caffe Da Rosa

Caffe Da Rosa

Sunny morning

My dear readers,

n spite of the very eventful life I lead, I try to find the time to cut myself off from the frantic rhythm imposed on me by Parisian life.

To illustrate, I'll tell you my last Saturday to stroll with Elena. After we woke up, a tight coffee and a hearty breakfast, I took her to La Villette district to enjoy this Paris that awakened on one of its atypical terraces, watching tourists and workers hurrying to their occupations.

We enjoyed a delicious fruit juice accompanied by a crescent still warm, and profits from the sun which, barely lifted, caressed our faces like a veil of cashmere slipping on our skin.

Looks, beautiful words, smiles and passionate discussions made us travel out of time, where love surpasses any limit. A tender kiss then we went out for lunch.

Coffee and gastronomy

Having always lived a restless life filled with activities where I had never stopped working or having fun, I learned with age to enjoy moments of relaxation, also learned to savor the silence.

Paris being Paris, one can think that it is difficult to escape the incessant buzzing of the engines, the symphony of the horns that sometimes make us want to leave far from here.

Why not! I was reserving a surprise for Elena. We thus went to an exceptional place, mixing astutely the Parisian decor with a southern atmosphere. It is a restaurant in which we can delight ourselves with exceptional food and surprising silence.

The Caffè Da Rosa. A timeless atmosphere, a radiant setting and high quality tapas tapas allowed us to appreciate this regenerating tranquility. Look and silence, in the soul and conscience, perfume our senses of enthusiasm and appearances, revives our desires, love and pleasures, making a future flourish, becoming: happiness re-emerges.

See you soon !