Exhibition Tenue correcte exigee

Exhibition Tenue correcte exigee

Fashion and lifestyle

My dear readers,

As you know, fashion and lifestyle resonates with my heart all day long. Chic, classissicsm and refined are the words I would use to describe the way I am getting dressed.

Both say that contemporary fashion are getting me curious and intrigued by the taste of some persons. I am for the freedom of anyone to choose and get dressed as they want, but provocation remind for me a mean to catch an attention that some people unfortunately did not got in their life.

In this way, I do not consider eccentric as necessary provocating, in a perspective that it could be adopted as a research of elegance and originality.

When get dressed is a scandal

To satisfied my curiosity and my attraction for Art of Living, I decided to assist to the « Tenue correcte exigée » exhibition at the musée des Arts décoratifs.

We well known that the way of getting dressed could be a symbol of claiming when we watch through history : the Red Caps or the Sans-Culottes are a perfect exemple.

But beyond this aspect, I wanted to understand the origin of this scandals which took place on the past, to learn about them and know through history the fashion and style evolution, but also why get dressed have always been a way to send messages, in the aim of get involved a society that has never been perfect.

I hope I will meet you to exchange and discut together about this subject.

Dear friends, I wish you a delightful evening by quoting one of my favorite creators Yves Saint Laurent, whi said « Dressing is a way of life. »

See you soon!