French Cinema

French Cinema

An art

Althought commonly referred to as the "seventh art", French cinema is unique to me.

I really enjoy French movies for their grace, their authors and their style.

We must make a jump in the past to understand the origins of French cinema. In 1895, the first public and paying movie screening was organized by the “Lumière brothers” in the basement of the Grand Café, located boulevard des Capucines in Paris.

The first studio was built by Georges Méliès where about 600 and 800 films had been shot. It is only from 1927 that the sound movies appear. "The Jazz Singer" is considered as the very first "talking" movie in the history of cinema.

At the end of the 1950s, a movement called "La Nouvelle Vague" emerged, the very established rules of French cinema will be jostled and allow a new cinema to emerge: the auteur cinema.


A passion

Cinema has always fascinated me. It's a passion that nourished me but also educated me.

Today my dear readers, I want to share with you a French film for which I had a real crush: The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain.

This movie which is about the adventure of Amelie, a young waitress in Montmartre, gave me a new look on my daily life.

We find in this masterpiece a bohemian Montmartre, exceptional dialogues and characters. It's a movie of unparalleled tenderness and poetry, a wonderful travel that I advise you to discover!

My dear readers, here is a quote from an actor that I particularly appreciate: Fabrice Luchini: "Cinema is an enchanted parenthesis."

See you soon!