James Bond exhibition

James Bond exhibition

My name is Monsieur Inwood

Dear Readers,

Every time James Bond was broadcast on TV, my father used to seat on the sofa and said : « there is a time and place for everything. There is a time to work, there is a time to rest and there is a time to have fun ». He looked like so happy that I was wondering secretly how a fictitious character could have this powerful effect on the rational mind of my father. As a non- talkative person, he turned suddenly easy and approachable. What an honour to share moments like this with him!

Inside the Hotel Le Marquis’s Patio I think of those moments. Indeed there is the James Bond exhibition currently in the Grande Halle de la Villette until the 4th of September 2016. The exhibition is full of elements, as accessories which are going with James Bond’s style.

James Bond, iconic character

It is true that James Bond is still a fascinating character and after decades  still represents the « Art de Vivre » of resurrection. In a world which changes every day, he kept his own way to face challenges without betray his british style.

Beyond the fact James Bond is closed to his accessories and high tech fittings, he became however a huge reference. As a modern dandy, I feel really inpired by its reactivity, his sense of humour, his audacity, his cold blood, his talent of observation.

This exhibiton is opened for people who wish to live nice moments. Don’t forget that being a dandy is like leading an investigation to fix up each personality’s trait with elements of elegance and simplicity. As James Bond would said « tomorrow never dies ».

See you soon,

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