La Parisienne

La Parisienne


La Parisienne fascinates, she is the symbol of elegance. La Parisienne is a state of mind, a style and a way of life! It's a legend that intrigues the entire world...

La Parisienne is not a fashion trend but rather a philosophy of life. She marked the history of fashion because she wrote it.

Historically, the Parisian is a woman at the heart of the flow of ideas. She is a woman of character whose knowledge draws power and freedom.


La Parisienne as a public woman appears with the precious in the 17th, these women of power gathered in salons allowing the existence of a free feminine thought.

Women like Madame de Sévigné or Madame de Lafayette received in their salons where they wrote, thought, were interested in philosophy... These salons have helped to radiate the French spirit throughout Europe.

Later, women like George Sand, Françoise Sagan and Simone Veil will perfectly embody the Parisian, a charismatic and influential woman. Their positions, their role in affirming the status of women will help to enrich this myth!

Balzac affirmed: "The Parisiennes are inexplicable. But I can still try to understand them... "

"Love, Art and Allure"