You have probably noticed the big return of moccasins? Since last season, moccasins have come back to the forefront!

The famous Haute Couture brand, Gucci, gave a new look to moccasins. Once varnished or plain, new details such as fringes or small nails appear today.

Moccasins have their place in any wardrobe, it is up to you to adopt the pair you need! The year 2018 is one of the original moccasins! The shoe becomes rock'n'roll, we say goodbye to classic models and we adopt moccasins notched, offset or silver!


But with what clothes should we wear our moccasins?

To avoid a classic look, here are some tips to know:

Break the masculine look by wearing your loafers with feminine pieces! Dresses, skirts, little shorts ... You can also adopt cigarette jeans to mark the silhouette!

Unveil your ankles to highlight your new shoes! The ideal is to wear boyfriend rolled up jeans!

Attention, leave the classic look aside and avoid wearing your loafers with a long skirt, a cardigan buttons or a scarf tied around the neck!

"Fashion, Love and Elegance"