National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

A timeless museum

My dear readers,

A few days ago I went with Mlle Inwood to the National Museum of Natural History, a must see in Paris museums, where I had not returned since my childhood.

As in my memories, time seems to have stopped in this unusual place. The building itself is a glorious piece of architecture! Mlle Inwood was delighted by the discovery of the Great Gallery of Evolution.

An integral part of the Natural History Museum, the Grande Galerie focuses on the evolution of the species and diversity of the living world. The atmosphere with the dim lights and the natural environment makes everything very impressive!

We had a wonderful day out of time. The universe is magical for both children and adults. You will discover, my dear readers a magical staging. Located in the heart of a beautiful park, the Natural History Museum is incredibly rich and we were, during our visit, immersed in another world!

The visit is fascinating, we find the history of the evolution of human development destructive for fauna and flora, the history of the first discoveries of certain animals and their studies.

A rich collection

Did you know, dear readers, that the Natural History Museum of Paris is one of the largest research and teaching institutions in Paris? Its collection is composed of more than 62 million specimens, all species combined, it is one of the richest in the world!

Its history goes back to King Louis XIII, who in 1635 created, by royal edict, the first Royal Garden of medicinal plants. The plants are cultivated and studied there. In the 18th century, medicine gave way to a natural history cabinet and, little by little, research developed.

The Museum was officially born on June 10, 1793. In the nineteenth century, the study of animal life became more important. The menagerie and palaeontology take place there. Quickly added the gallery of mineralogy.

Once the visit ended, we wandered in the Garden of Plants and what a feast for the eyes and nose to cross this vast expanse of flower beds and other plants cleverly arranged! It is a garden where it is pleasant to stroll on a sunny day in Paris!

See you soon!