The ballet Faust at the Châtelet theater

The ballet Faust at the Châtelet theater

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Dear Readers,

Son of a classical dancer, my mother, this ballerina, has always tried to give me the ballet’s love. Child, she took me, sometimes at the opera, sometimes at her repetition, in the aim of impregnating me with this art. I didn’t dare, at that time, to confess her, that it bored me. I would rather go playing football with my friends or playing marbles. My mother wanted it so much, that I didn’t dare to confess it, because I didn’t want to disappoint her.

Indeed, not a long time ago, when she told me that she surprised me by buying ticket to see the ballet « Faust » at the Châtelet theater, I had to, as I could, hide my disappointment. I tried to see the positive side: Faust is inspired by a book that I love so much, written by Goethe. And I will be with my mother!

The ballet Faust

Hardly, I directed myself to the Châtelet theater, trying to look like enthusiastic, cheating the maternal instinct. How much difficult! The evening passed, I looked at the dancers: arabesque, pirouette, leotard and tutu ... I admit that this art knows a lot of technic and rigor. Unfortunately, I am not a passionate. Tastes and colours are in nature and are, sometimes, inexplicable. Maybe, unconsciously, I live again these hours, waiting for my mother who was repeating! I can, however, recognize that the work of the costume designer and stage direction are impressive.

Back at the Hotel Le Marquis after an evening as this one, I thought about the Faust’ story. A damned man who made a covenant with the devil, to know the love. Lost in my thoughts, one thing leading to another, I thought about my love lost and maybe the one which will come, to finish by concluding with Goethe which was probably right by announcing that “The eternal female raises us”.

See you soon!


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