The bow ties

The bow ties

My passion for bow ties

Dear all readers,

I can’t tell you about myself without mentioning my passion for bow ties: they inspire me, they dress me, they draw me, they are a part of me!

My father was an avid fan and introduced me since my youth to the pleasures and joys of this fantasy.

Most people would attribute its democratization to the famous Beau Brummel but for my part, I attribute it to all dandies of this world who have been able to wear it with style and especially with a certain casualness. This casualness "so Parisian" brought me to lose and escape me in the many streets of the capital!

The boutique "Monsieur Jean Yves"

This is at the corner of a street that I discovered the shop « Monsieur Jean Yves » designer of bow ties and whose creations reflect a certain luxury. This luxury is not ostentatious as it is in the details and in practice to emphasize his style by a Parisian Art of Living. This Art of Living, I find it when I get to the hotel Le Marquis that plunges me into a world very "Arty" and where the bow tie is a must!

You can love it colored, perhaps more subtle but the bow tie matches your personality. Personally, I particularly like colorful butterflies or knots printed patterns that brighten up sometimes a monotonous and dreary outfit. This little touch of madness inspires me to the joy of living.

You see, after all luxury does not always mean extravagance, it may simply reside in small touches of elegance.

See you soon,

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