The cashmere

The cashmere

A travelling fibre

Dear readers,

Being well dressed, is a lifestyle. We all have our styles, our tastes and preferences. We have to respect each one, the only thing that matter is to feel good in your clothes.

As you know, I am the kind of person who puts classy at the centre of the way I dress. But, I consider that there is an essential variable in order to feel good in your clothes, is the comfort that the material gives us when it touches our skin.

And for this reason, I have a predilection: cashmere.

This animal fibre is one of the softest fibre which exists and the cashmere had a rich history, becoming one of the most value material in the world.

At the origin, Cashmere was a territory currently torn between India, China, Pakistan and Mongolia which are the biggest producers of this precious and endogenous goods.

Softness to wear

I was lucky to travel in this regions which are full of amazing landscapes. Mountains as far as the eye can see, dries deserts, a fauna and flora that we can only see there. This unique and incredible experience leads me to a Cashmere goat farming.

In winter, those goats, to go through extreme temperatures and the coldest wind ever –which can reach -40°C- are developing a long and silky hair. It is then used after winter to produce our soft clothes.

Obviously it preserves of the cold days, so we can wear it in winter in order not to wear a lot of things. But we can also wear it in summer, it depends of the number of thread used. They can go from 1 to 12, giving to the pullover its thickness.

So it is a real pleasure to get a good-quality and comfortable pullover no matter the period of the year.

Dear readers, an Arabic proverb said: “Wash your heart as you wash your clothes”. Your hearts are cashmere.

See you soon!