The casual chic style

The casual chic style


When you’re a woman, you’ve got the luck of having a great choice for the clothes that are at your disposal. The feminine fashion is very well-furnished, so well that it is pretty difficult to be satisfied with what we have. We always see some new clothes which are so beautiful that we want to buy each of them.

If there are more clothes, necessarily there are more combinations of clothes aren’t there? And more combinations of clothes leads to more styles that are different. There are indeed a lot of different looks, some of them are very simple and don’t try to impress, others are more sophisticated and hard to master. For instance, the fashion style can seem rather confusing at first sight, because it is often very coloured and includes some pieces of clothing very difficult to wear. It’s not my favourite style, to me it is too showy and I don’t always find it very subtle.


You got it, the style that I want to speak about today is a pretty sober one. I want to talk about the famous casual chic style, a classic!

This style will be adapted to about everything. With it you can go to work (if your company doesn’t ask for specific dress code), you can hang out with your friends, with your partner…

The great thing is that it is a style which is simple to adopt, you probably already have what is needed in your wardrobe. It doesn’t require any esoteric piece of clothing, on the contrary. The idea is to combine elegant pieces with more casual ones in order to create an ensemble which is chic but not too professional.

On the picture, I wear a shirt that I don’t close totally with formal trousers. The shirt and trousers are pretty chic but the way of wearing the shirt is pretty relaxed. Over that, I wear a wool coat a little bit loose, on which I rolled up the sleeves for the casual side. All the pieces come from Pablo and are forming a good example of a casual chic ensemble.

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