The cult Marriage of Figaro

The cult Marriage of Figaro

Dear all readers,

The Dandy that I am, always has been very fond of the idea to see again and again the greatest masterpieces of French literature. These masterpieces are not just a series of tantalizing words, they are the art of moving an audience, the art of painted and portray the traits of our society and especially the art of immerse us the time of an evening in an extraordinary world.

You can not visit the capital without visiting one of the many theatrical performances that punctuate life in Paris. Last week, I decided to go to the theater of « L’espace Marais » to attend the performance of the legendary play by Beaumarchais: The Marriage of Figaro.

Beaumarchais presents an exciting plot that becomes more complex with the scenes. The acting is amazing and invites us to a moment of pure happiness. The ability to dive into the skin of a fascinating character is a quality that is found in all the great comedians. The period costumes remind me of an outdated fashion where men and women used to wear their fineries during their trips to the court.

To complete this beautiful evening it is at Le Marquis that I rediscover the Dandy’s Lifestyle that impregnate this place of elegance and delicacy.

Don’t forget, dear readers, the most beautiful theater play is the one you write throughout your life.

See you soon !


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