The dandy and music

The dandy and music

A refined music

Dear readers,

Irrespectively of one’s will, there are some talents that one cannot develop or acquire through hard work. I have gone through this when I learned how to play a few music instruments without perfectly mastering them.

As a result, I admire these musicians and virtuosos who adorn this Art and make vibrate our hearts and souls. This is why I look for and listen to all artists who put beauty and refinement in the heart of their creations.

Many want to convey visions and values that all dandies share, but only very few can really succeed. I love all these singers who dare, who disturb with their eccentricities. They are masters of their image, style, personality that they offer thanks to a character that no one can actually know.

Art and beauty

Among those who have inspired me the most, I realize a common thread: style, personality and uniqueness.

The style is diverse as far as the music and the person are concerned. I equally enjoy listening to Andrew Weatherall, DJ and electronic music producer, than to the famous David Bowie and his futurist folk pop.

Personality, because it emphasizes the difference between those artists who made themselves part of history, and the ephemeral poster artists whom people bear in mind only today. For instance, Bob Dylan, The Kills or Bertrand Burdalat prove that art, music and personality are very rarely dissociated.

Finally, uniqueness, because it is the difference of these men which makes their music that inspiring, allowing them to move the hearts of large audiences. Pete Doherty did know how to do it.

Dear readers, Bob Dylan, who was awarded the Nobel Price of Literature in 2016 for his works, was saying “songs are like dreams that one tries to realize. They are unknown countries you have to enter into”. I apply these words to each of my creations.

See you soon!