The musée de l'Homme

The musée de l'Homme

We don’t born as a Dandy, we become it !

Dear all readers,

Many people think that the Dandy is limited to the definition of a man who wears a moustache with a top hat. The Dandys is not only that, it’s before all a philosophy, an Art of Living. Of course, we don’t born as a Dandy, we become it, for my part ; for a long time that I am a great believer of the elegance and the refinement which inspire this way of life.

The musée de l'Homme

Indeed, when I was a child, I could stay hours in the wardrobe of my father to trying all the suits and the gentleman fittings which composed his collection.

I can find in me today, his taste that he had for esthetic and beautiful things.

Men are by definition in permanent conquest of culture because he loves and admires the world he lives in. What could be better than a visit in the masterful musée de l’Homme to understand our society and the human that compose it. After six long years of refurbishment, what a pleasure to go in this sumptuous bulding which was build for the universal exhibition in 1937. The men I am like to know his origins, to understand where its come from and what horizons he turns.

These themes are largely approached through pieces of priceless collections from all times and all places.

After a long day walking around the different districts of Paris, I like to find the world of Dandy at the hotel Le Marquis. A place where art and free thought can meet.

My dear readers, remember that dandyism is not just about the appearance as Oscar Wilde said « Beauty is in the eye of beholder ».

See you soon,

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