The Week of Tastes

The Week of Tastes


My dear readers,

The taste makes us travel, exotic dishes or spices lead us to distant lands and awaken our taste buds! Every day we consume diverse and varied foods allowing us to change our daily life!

With the taste, we perceive the flavours, whether they are acidic, bitter, sweet or salty. Did you know, my kind readers that we talk about taste as a multi-sensory impression? Indeed, during the tasting of a dish, the taste is not the only stimulated sense, all of our five senses are solicited! We eat first with the eyes!

In order to safeguard the culture of culinary heritage, each year the taste is honoured thanks to The Week of Tastes. This must-attend event will take place from October 8 to 14, 2018!


The week of tastes is a good opportunity to discover new flavours, new Parisian restaurants. The restaurateurs offer us complete menus, refined and sought after.

The event also allows for many meetings dedicated to sharing and exchange. The professionals of the mouth organize many animations allowing to discover everywhere in France the thousand and one pleasures of the taste!

I invite you to taste local and artisan products or to visit farms. The week of tastes will stimulate your taste buds and refine your culinary knowledge!

My dear readers, do not forget that the taste is a real source of sharing, of pleasure: it awakes memories, emotions!

See you soon!