Tutankhamun exhibition, the pharaoh's treasure

Tutankhamun exhibition, the pharaoh's treasure


I like to present you through my articles the different exhibitions that take place in Paris during the year. Exhibitions are an integral part of my life, they allow me to awaken my mind, perfect my culture and learn new things. Exhibitions play an essential role in the Parisian charm and their large number doesn’t make it easy to find the ones that are most likely to please me. I particularly appreciate museums, exhibitions and events with history as their main theme. Regardless of the era, the evolution of societies fascinates me whether it’s the Antiquity, the Renaissance or the Modern Times I am always satisfied when I leave.

 I have therefore focused on future events with a historical theme and it’s after long and assiduous research that I found an exhibition that will take place at La Villette from 23 March to 15 September 2019: Tutankhamun, the pharaoh's treasure.


This exhibition will showcase Egypt's most famous pharaoh through more than 150 works to explain his history. A world-famous monarch who is far from having marked the long supremacy of Ancient Egypt from -3000 to -30 BC.  Indeed, he only denied during ten years between 9 and 19 years old (age of his death) and didn’t do any great deeds for his empire. His fame is due to the discovery of his tombstone in 1922 which remains today as the greatest treasure ever discovered in the history of archaeology. Sarcophagi, gold, bronze, statues and hieroglyphics, all of which will be showcased at this exceptional exhibition in Paris. Beyond the reign of Tutankhamun, the event will sublimate and highlight the entire history of Ancient Egypt, a dynasty that flows with treasures that I look forward to discover.

"Love, Egypt and elegance"