Welcome to my world, the world of Dandys

Welcome to my world, the world of Dandys

Monsieur Inwood

Dear all Readers,

My father is the most mysterious man that I’ve met. Fair but severe he always intimidated me. I can remember how calm he was in front of adversity but also strong, determined and committed to his duty to convince audiences during big debates. A secret man with international affairs to manage. Familiar but distant in the meantime, my father is one of my biggest influence.

The Dandy's Art of Living

Through his attitude my father taught me the essential of what he knew about this world. He was putting his own charism to defend human rights and I became a Dandy because I wanted to represent my thoughts and my taste by wearing nice clothes. When I go to the hotel Le Marquis I still live the Lifetime of a Dandy in love with sculpture, adventures, literature and painting. It is my home and I feel so good surrounded by the French « Art de Vivre ».

During the day I walk down in the beautiful streets of the Marais which is a charming place. I can rest in famous cafés-terraces and enjoy the enchantment of Paris.

When the night starts to fall I like to contemplate the river Seine where I find all the reflections of Paris’ lights. Then I go back to the hotel Le Marquis after a day full of joy and sensations.

And after this perfect experience I think that the real luxury is to be able to see beauty in any faces, anywhere. 

See you soon,

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