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Walk on the quays of the Seine

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Mlle Inwood

Walk on the quays of the Seine

Discover Paris by exploring the quays of the Seine

I like to walk along the docks, it's one of my favorite walks in Paris. Each time I admire the Haussmann-style buildings, the bridges, the monuments!

From Trocadero to the National Library of France, I invite you to take a walk along the quay to discover Paris. You will have the chance to admire monuments, museums and unforgettable views...

This tour will make you discover the charm of Paris: one of the most beautiful ways to fall in love with the City of Lights!

The booksellers on the quays of the Seine

On the docks, you will surely meet these famous booksellers set up in an open area with their wooden displays. Over time, they have become part of the landscape along the banks of the Seine. I often stop to look through the books on display.

The booksellers contribute to the charm and animation of the quays. Today there are more than 200 booksellers installed on the docks of the Seine...

"Love, Walk and Charm"


"La beauté se cultive" exhibition by Chanel Beauty

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Mlle Inwood

"La beauté se cultive" exhibition by Chanel Beauty

An exhibition dedicated to beauty

To celebrate the arrival of spring, an ephemeral exhibition dedicated to plants and their use in the cosmetics industry presented by the famous Maison Chanel will be held at the Jardin des Plantes on March 28th and 29th. 

Who has never dreamt of entering the laboratories of a luxury brand and learning the manufacturing secrets of its beauty products? With its exhibition "La beauté se cultive" in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History, Chanel Beauty gives consumers the opportunity to learn more about the ingredients used in their skincare products as well as their origins, and reveals the different stages of transformation in cosmetic treatments.

The Maison Chanel, a committed brand

The exhibition "La beauté se cultive" is the ideal opportunity for the French luxury House to highlight its work in botany as well as its social, territorial and environmental commitments. Thus, the Maison Chanel takes advantage of this event to present the agricultural channels that allow the company to introduce products of controlled and responsible vegetal origin in its different skincare ranges.

I love the idea of being able to discover the rare plants present in our products and their properties during a bucolic walk in the Mineralogy Gallery. Moreover, and this is good news: access to this exhibition is free. All you have to do is register on from March 1st, 2020. Who will be there?

"Luxury, Beauty and Discovery"

*Photo credits: © CHANEL


La Parisienne

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Mlle Inwood

La Parisienne


The Parisian woman fascinates, she is the symbol of elegance. The Parisian woman is a state of mind, a style and a way of life! It is a legend that intrigues the whole world... La Parisienne is not a fashion trend but rather a philosophy of life. She made her mark on fashion history because she wrote it. 

Historically, the Parisian is a woman at the heart of the circulation of ideas. She is a woman of character who draws power and freedom from her knowledge.


The Parisian woman as a public woman appears with the Precious in the 17th century, these women of power met in salons allowing the existence of a free female thought. Women like Madame de Sévigné or Madame de Lafayette received in their salons where they wrote, thought, were interested in philosophy... These salons helped to spread the French spirit throughout Europe.

Later, women like George Sand, Françoise Sagan, Simone Veil will perfectly embody the Parisian woman, a charismatic and influential woman. Their positions and roles in affirming the status of women will contribute to enriching this myth! 

"Love, Fashion and Allure"


The Luxembourg Garden

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Mlle Inwood

The Luxembourg Garden


I would like to share with you today a place that I particularly appreciate, the Jardin du Luxembourg. It is a unique park for me, of incomparable beauty. Every season, it appears differently but where it is most beautiful, in my opinion, it is in autumn. At this time the Garden is deserted, except for the regulars, we meet few people there. The ground is covered with dead leaves and the colours of Autumn are there. The park then reveals a unique beauty with its shimmering colours and shades of red and yellow.

Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, between the Latin Quarter, Saint Germain des Prés and Montparnasse, the Jardin du Luxembourg was created on the initiative of Queen Marie de Médicis in 1612. Today, there are 106 statues scattered throughout the park, the monumental Medici fountain, the orangery and the Davioud pavilion. 

This Garden always gives me a breath of fresh air. It is ideal for all seasons. It is a magnificent lung of nature and flowers in the heart of Paris.

All the parks in Paris are beautiful but the Luxembourg Garden is special, there is a certain calm. It is a timeless journey that is offered to me when I go there. A splendid vegetation on sunny days, magnificent views, it is a place full of stories that inspired the greatest artists.

Happy memories

I experienced moments of joy and happiness in the Luxembourg Park. When I was a child, we used to go to the park regularly. The lawns were an ideal place for a family picnic. Many attractions were open to me, vertiginous swings, traditional wooden rides, the puppet show but especially the sailboats of the Luco basin. I have an exceptional memory of these small painted and varnished wooden boats that I used to sail with a simple stick. 

This practice has been going on for more than eighty years. In 1927, Clément Pardeau dreamed of the great outdoors. He uses his passion to make models out of wood, with hand-sewn sails made by his wife. The couple then had the idea of renting them at the Jardin du Luxembourg. The boats are still those of Clément Pardeau's time, only a few sailboats have been replaced!

The Medici fountain and its ivy drapes is one of the most romantic places in Paris. Formerly called the Cave of Medici, the Fountain of Medici was commissioned in 1630 from the Florentine engineer Thomas Francine by Marie de Medici, then widow of Henry IV. Tired of the intrigues of the Louvre Palace and nostalgic for Italy, she wanted to rediscover the atmosphere of the nymphs and fountains in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. 

"Love, Romanticism and Memories"


A Bucolic Paris

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Mlle Inwood

A Bucolic Paris

Bucolic sidewalk

On a beautiful sunny Sunday, I was dreaming of nature and escape. I then headed to the Montsouris district located in the 14th arrondissement. The change of scenery was total when I discovered the Montsouris garden. Created under Napoleon III, this typical Haussmann park has no less than 1400 trees, often century-old. I now consider it one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. 

The name "Mont Souris" comes from the time when rodents proliferated in this district, when the Briève still existed. The park is home to a lake, beautiful statues and remarkable trees. I had the opportunity to observe many species of birds during this walk. It is a haven of peace, ideal for a romantic stroll in the shade of the plane trees. The Parc de Montsouris offered me moments of charm along winding paths and vast lawns. 

Artistic history

The small alleys along the park are not lacking in charm. The paved alleys are lined with small houses hidden in a green setting. Glycine, virgin and plants from all walks of life give us the impression of being in the countryside.  

I discovered in the heart of this district, one of the most beautiful streets in Paris. Adjacent to the main street Raymond-Losserand, the picturesque little alley is a real island of calm and greenery. Some houses look like small cottages giving the impression of being in the mountains. 

In addition to offering a unique place to visit, the district has a rich architectural and artistic history. The magnificent houses, in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles where many artists lived, were designed by famous architects such as Le Corbusier or Gilles Buisson. 

I have a melancholic and sweet memory of this day and I invite you to enjoy its peaceful streets, their silence and their greenery. 

"Love, calm and greenery"

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